S, M, L
その拡張性の高さから人気の高い26インチホイールモデルTROLLをさらに実用的なスポーツユーティリティバイクにすべく実現したコラボ企画。あのロングテールバイク XTRACYCLEの FREERADICAL KIT をセットにしたキットモデルです。通常シルバーカラーのFREERADICAL KITのフレームが同じオレンジでカラーリングされています。在庫数限りの限定モデルにてお早目にお求めください。

Tubing Surly 4130 CroMoly steel. TIG-welded. Main triangle double-butted
Rear dropouts Horizontal slotted with derailleur hanger, 135mm O.L.D. Features Rohloff torque arm slot and threaded eyelets for fenders, racks and Surly trailer mounts
Brake compatibility Disc and rim brake compatible. Disc mounts are 51mm IS Rim brake pivots are removable. Note: rear disc brake is limited to 160mm maximum rotor diameter and requires the use of Surly caliper adapter (included with frames and bikes)
Braze-ons Full-length Surly Trip Guide housing line guides for derailleurs and brakes; two sets of bottle cage mounts; removable post cantilever pivots; upper seatstay threaded barrels, mid-and low-blade fully threaded through-blade fork eyelets; threaded holes for racks, fenders and trailer mounting nuts; Rohloff OEM2 axle plate mounting slot
Seatpost diameter 27.2mm
Seatpost clamp diameter 30.0mm (Surly stainless included)
Headset/Steertube 1-1/8″ threadless
Front Derailleur Clamp Diameter 28.6mm, top-pull or Shimano high direct mount (adaptor included)
Bottom bracket shell 73mm shell width, threaded standard English (1.37″ x 24t)
Chainring clearance 24/36/48t
Tire clearance 26 x 2.75 . Individual tire and rim combos affect tire clearance
Fork TIG-welded tapered & butted 4130 CroMoly, 100mm suspension corrected, tapered straight blade. Low- and mid-blade fully threaded through-blade rack eyelets; fender mount eyelets at dropout; 1-1/8 x 260mm threadless steer tube, 51mm disc mount (203mm max. rotor diameter), removable cantilever pivots, two sets of bottle mounts on each fork blade (except Agent-Orange). Note: you can’t always mount bottles on the fork with every rack

Model Size ST (C-T) TT (C-C) TT (Effec.) HT Angle ST Angle BB Drop CS Length
inch(mm) inch(mm) inch(mm) degree degree inch(mm) inch(mm)
Small(16) 16.0(406.4) 21.6(549.0) 22.5(571.0) 71.0° 73.0° 1.6(40.0) 16.5(419.0)
Medium(18) 18.0(457.5) 22.4(570.0) 23.5(596.0) 71.0° 73.0° 1.6(40.0) 16.5(419.0)
Large(20) 20.0(508.8) 23.2(590.0) 24.3(616.0) 71.0° 73.0° 1.6(40.0) 16.5(419.0)
Model Size Wheel Base S.O. Height HT Length FK Length FK Offset Stack Reach
inch(mm) inch(mm) inch(mm) inch(mm) inch(mm) inch(mm) inch(mm)
Small(16) 40.8(1037.3) 29.3(745.0) 3.9(100.0) 17.8(453.0) 1.6(40.0) 22.1(560.5) 15.7(398.6)
Medium(18) 41.9(1062.6) 30.5(774.0) 4.3(110.0) 17.8(453.0) 1.6(40.0) 22.4(569.9) 16.6(420.8)
Large(20) 42.6(1083.2) 31.7(804.0) 4.9(125.0) 17.8(453.0) 1.6(40.0) 23.0(584.1) 17.2(436.4)